Transformation of the multimodal space- in front of the main railway station, Pardubice

Investor: City of Pardubice

Documentation for territorial control
Documentation for planning permission
Documentation for building permit
Documentation for construction notification

Interconnect Communication: New roads with MO2 7,0 / 8,0 / 50 will serve to divert traffic from the area in front of the station, especially for vehicles traveling onto the street Hlaváčova and Palackého to Polabiny, or into the shopping centre. It is assumed for the use of vehicles up to 3.5 tons  with supplies. Connection to kpt. Bartos is done  by MOK. The existing bike path is conducted under the new road by a new underpass. The adjacent road / / 36 are designed with newly designed pedestrian crossings. The whole area  also has proposed solutions for cycling.