About company

Company OJSC Prodin Pardubice is a design, engineering and consulting company, which has operated on the market since 2002. We are a modern, dynamic and communicative company, based on a close collaboration with the client and work-friendly dealings with state and local governments.

Our company is a wholly owned with Czech capital. The company is also involved in custom designs for the companies Multiaqua Hradec Králové sro, and Forgas Pardubice as. The company Prodin prepares traffic construction solutions and civil engineering. Utilising the companies Multiaqua and Forgas enables Prodin to extend the scope of activities offered to include the preparation of water management structures and buildings in the gas industry.

In preparing the buildings we are able to realize all stages of documentation and of course engineering, including the execution of relevant permits and decisions. The complexity of services is complemented by preparing and processing applications for grants from various sources.

The company is built on the foundation of the helpfulness of the staff, quality of the personnel policy with a high corporate culture and the occupation of relative positions by professionally developed workers, who also adhere to our corporate culture and approach to work.