Planning Group

In addition to its own activities PRODIN offers a broad portfolio of design services in the field of water and gas structures through its subsidiaries MULTIAQUA sro and Forgas as.

Multiaqua s.r.o. Hradec Králové

Multiaqua Company s.r.o. Has spent many years among the leading companies in the field of hydraulic engineering. As such, the company is defined by high-quality services with full delivery in the preparation, implementation and completion of constructions. The main partners are primarily water operating organizations, municipalities, public authorities, industrial companies and retail chains. The company offers a comprehensive consulting service, design and engineering in all fields of water management.

Forgas a.s. Pardubice

The company Forgas a.s. was founded in 2013. The basis of its staffing are highly trained professionals who for many years had worked in the engineering department of Plynostav-gas regulation as.Pardubice. The principal activities of the company are full service design and engineering works in the energy and gas industry. The most important customers are mainly companies engaged in the extraction, distribution and storage of natural gas.