Reconstruction of the railway crossing at km 19.503 PZS on the track Heřmanův Městec - Moravany

Typ: Preparatory documentation

The crossing was originally secured by a safety warning at the crossing. PZS 3SBL were newly designed according to CSN 34 2650 ed2, located in the new technological structure at the crossing. As a means of interaction between railway vehicles and the MPCs axle counters were designed. This indicates the state of the crossing to drivers of PZS railway vehicles, and was designed through preemptitive signaling to PZS drivers of vehicles on the road, which has been proposed through the indications with positive signaling. A new connection was proposedto power the PZS. The construction was fitting for PZS and connections. Simultaneously with the construction of new light crossing safety devices there has been designed repair to the pavement. When the new inter alia discussed changes it was done in the way which was a security pass with the Rail Authority Prague.